LevineCentral's Mail Parse - Tracing Emails

I put together this page to assist others with reading, analyzing and tracing mail headers and seeing the routing and how long mail takes to go from A (source) to Z (destination). To parse, interpret and trace the email headers, just paste in the mail headers from any email message and it will show the mail server hops and the times between hops, both individual and cumulative. Also displayed is an IP address associated with a mail server (if provided in the mail headers) linked to where you can lookup the actual owner of that IP address. This IP lookup is useful if mail server names are forged, which can occur in spam emails. Also shown is a Spam Check link which displays if this mail server is listed on popular spam black lists.

Paste your mail headers here for analysis:


If you have an issue or something doesn't seem right with the results, feel free to email me at david@levinecentral.com and if you include the mail headers, I can try to resolve the issue. If there's any suggestions on additional functionality, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Links to mail header related sites:
RFC 2822: Internet Message Format  ○  Common Internet Message Header Fields 
○  Format of the Received Header

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