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Wild weekend weather

This was a wild weekend on the weather front. It started to rain hard on Friday and it didn’t stop until Sunday. Well, I think it stopped.

We lost power on Saturday night around 8:00pm. This wouldn’t be a big deal except our sump pump which protects our basement from flooding needs electricity. What my wife and I then did was drain the sump pump area manually, dumping the water into the basement slop sink. It would fill up as quickly as we could empty it so we were up all night doing this taking short 15-20 cat naps as the night went on between 10 min lowering of the water in the basin.

The electricity came back on around 9:15am just as I was about to leave for a 2 hour ride south to Southern New Jersey with my older daughter to head to a cheerleading competition. What a relief when it came on. We’re planning on getting a gas powered generator to be better prepared for this in the future. I got home around 5pm and crashed for 3 hours as I was exhausted.

On a good note, we had no damage that I saw and my daughters teams won all their competitions today including sweeping all the level categories and winning the grand champion award for the entire competition.


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