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I’m not a political fanatic and hardly even interested in politics at all, but the following struck me as a bit too interesting to pass up.
A co-worker mentioned an article today about States Ranked: Smartest to Dumbest. What I noticed is what states were listed first in the top 10 (in order): Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Montana.
Of the top 10 smartest states, the top 7 voted Democratic! The 8th narrowly won for the Republicans with the 9th state again being democratic and the 10th being Republican.
Maybe, like sport playoffs, only the top 10 states should make it to the final voting. It would at least provide some incentive for states to improve and move up to the top 10.

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Geocaching – Treasure Hunting with a GPS

Geocaching is high tech treasure hunting. Using a GPS (I have a Garmin GPS V), you download coordinates (Lat & Long) of places where someone has hidden these little caches (ammo boxes, Tupperware containers, etc). You use your GPS to get to the location and then find the cache. Caches are hidden everywhere but mainly in parks or public areas where anyone can gain access.
The biggest site on the Internet for this “sport” is geocaching.com where there are, even just within a 50 miles radius of me, thousands of the caches placed. I go with the kids, but on some tougher ones, I go alone. The goal is finding the cache and signing the log book that each have. We get to the closest point we can park, and using the GPS, which points us in the direction of the cache (based on Latitude/Longitude for this cache downloaded off the geocaching.com site, we head off in the direction the GPS points. Sometimes the hike is a few hundred feet from where we can park and sometimes it is a mile or more. After we get back home, we log the find (or not found if we don’t actually find the cache) back on the site.
My kids like, when we find caches have items in them, taking turns trading something in the cache for the load of stash we carry in our backpack. Since my kids do the trading they are looking for kid things and we usually replace them with kid things. Not cheap McDonalds Happy Meal toys (though some folks do – less and less now though) but fun things my kids would like to trade for if they came upon these same items in a cache.


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First Entry- Movable Type

Figured I’d check out the hype over Moveable Type. I previously had been entering some entries in an ASP based journal called Web Wiz Journal
Let’s see how this works!


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