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Saudi Arabia Agreement Paper

If the arbitrators fail to select an arbitrator, the chairman of the primary commission, whose title is the workplace, appoints the arbitrator in question if such an arbitrator has not already been appointed in the arbitration agreement. The arbitration agreement must specify the deadlines and the internal regulations to be respected in resolving the dispute. The arbitral award of arbitrators is at first instance and may appeal to the Supreme Commission within the time, time frame and internal regulations required to appeal decisions to that board, unless the arbitration agreement expressly provides that the award is final, in which case the award is irrevocable. Article 4 sets out the responsibilities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including ensuring that the recruitment, recruitment and accommodation of domestic workers under this agreement is in accordance with applicable laws, rules and rules; Promote and protect the well-being and rights of domestic workers; Ensure the authenticity of the employment contract, which includes the rights and obligations of employers and workers as well as minimum working conditions; Enforcing contracts facilitate the employer`s opening of a bank account in the home employee`s name for the payment of his or her salary; Setting up a 24-hour assistance mechanism for workers; Facilitate the resolution of labour disputes and the issuance of exit visas for the repatriation of workers. Are there no specific rules for non-competitions for certain categories of workers? An employer may introduce a non-compete clause in an employment contract or ask an employee to sign a non-compete agreement upon start-up. Under section 83 of the Labour Act, this provision is only valid if it is limited in terms of the time, place and nature of the business to the extent necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the employer. The maximum duration of this provision is two years. Without prejudice to the conditions of concessions and other agreements and injunctions on training, training and scholarships, any employer employing 100 or more workers must train a certain number of its Saudi workers in technical occupations, which represents no less than 5% of the total number of its workers, in accordance with a training programme to be established by the Ministry of Labour. A joint committee is established to periodically review, evaluate and supervise the implementation of the agreement, hold a consultation meeting and make recommendations on dispute resolution resulting from the implementation or interpretation of the agreement (Article 6). In case of operation and incurable diseases, the costs are covered by social security.

The costs of treatment, medicines and hospitalization in public or charitable hospitals, as well as the party that pays for these costs, are set in accordance with the Minister of Health or according to the rules of the Social Security Act, according to the decision of the Minister of Labour. and published on the newspaper Um-Al-Qura No. 2339 dates from 17 Rajab 1390 H. (September 18, 1970) Any person who, by any means covered by the last paragraph of the previous article, incites or attempts to stop his work by mutual agreement or induces them to cease this work, shall be liable to imprisonment of one to three years or a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 SR or both. It is illegal to violate the provisions of this Act or to interfere with other rights that the worker has acquired under other regulations or concession agreements, employment contracts or other agreements or an arbitral award or royal decision, or in accordance with a generally accepted practice or what the employer has usually granted to its workers in a particular field or field.

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