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CQ CQ this is K2DSL

I have always been interested in scanners and ham radios. Over this past summer I finally said I was going to do it and studied for the first level ham radio license. In early August I successfully passed and received my Technician Class license.
Within a couple days of passing, I was automatically assigned callsign KC2SAU. They allow folks to pick their own vanity callsign so I applied for K2DSL and just received approval. So, on the airwaves, I’m K2DSL.

When I knew I was going to take the test, I went to a “local” amateur radio dealer in Caldwell that every person I contacted recommended. The dealer is KJI Electronics. I spoke with the owner Gene and we talked about what I wanted to do, etc and he recommended a Kenwood TH-D7A(G) handheld dual band radio, so I got that. Gene also set me up with the necessary accessories and mobile antenna. I’ll go to Gene and KJI Electronics often, as I can’t imagine getting any better service and a more knowledgeable person from somewhere else.
One fun thing you can do is hook up a GPS (I have a Garmin 76CS) to my radio and it will broadcast my position and receive other ham radio positions using a packet radio technology called APRS. You can even track folks using this technology on the Internet and send the equivalent of SMS messages to other mobile operators in your area. I have also played around with other Internet technologies such as Echolink which allows PC to PC/Radio or Radio to PC/Radio connections using the Internet.
I have already started to study for the next license level called General Class. It gets a lot more technical with specifics of frequencies, radio electronics, band plans, etc. When passed it opens up additional frequencies you are allowed to communicate on. These additional frequencies allow for near worldwide communications from your home or mobile radio.
See you on the air!
David – K2DSL

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  • Jim · October 5, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    Congratulations, David! Welcome to the world of ham radio. Thanks for putting up the repeater map site – that’s how I happened to find your blog. The map says the info is from ham-shack.com, but what about the lat/lon? There’s at least one that is WAY off.
    -jim KS4O

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