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Pets and death

My kids love pets. We have a cat for a few years now. Our neighbor has lots of pets. One cat named Rusty hung out with our cat a lot. It got to the point that whenever the house door was open, Rusty would come in. The kids really got attached to it and when the neighbors mentioned they might move, the kids wanted us to adopt Rusty. I said absolutely not! One cat is enough, plus Rusty already had a family.
A week ago, my wife was putting out the trash and I was on the train home from work. She turned around and the neighbors cat was dead on our lawn. I don’t think anyone knows what happened and why Rusty died, but my wife and the kids were heartbroken. She was balling when she called me to tell me. My one daughter was home but my other daughter wasn’t and I had to tell her when she came home. I can’t even imagine what will happen when our cat goes. Hopefully it will be a long, long, long time.

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