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It’s been a while… Blog Software Updated

I know I haven’t posted recently. I guess I haven’t thought of anything to post others might benefit from. Well yesterday, it was raining all day so I figured I wasn’t going anywhere so why not update the software I use for this blog – Movable Type.
I’m pretty disappointed in the support they have previously provided for the Windows platform which is what my hosting is (by choice). Things never go smoothly with their upgrades which is why I typically wait weeks or months before upgrading in order to have enough people work through the problems that I can find solutions or workarounds on their support forums.
It looked like things were going smooth enough with the recent update to give it a shot. I downloaded and unzipped the install. Read the readme which referenced a web page. Their documentation is definitely lacking and I feel relies too much on the knowledge people have if they are intimately familiar with the software. I think that’s fine if I lived for blogging, but it’s just a tool I use to post. I backed everything up and then uploaded the new version after tweaking the config file. It didn’t work which based on my past experiences with this software wasn’t much of a surprise.
So I search the forums and find some hits on my problem. Some were involved and some were a bit more straightforward. I chose the option to edit the CGI files vs contact my webhost to make a change. I added a code snippet to the top of each CGI file (maybe 12-15 of them) and got past that problem. It wasn’t over yet…

I then ran into my next issue which wasn’t something I could do a workaround for. It seems the database module for Perl on my server needed to be updated. At least that’s what the error indicated. I checked things out and it did need to be updated so I sent off a request to the support folks at Hostek asking if they could update the DBI module to at least a specific release. In a couple hours it was all completed and I received a message back from them.
I gave it a shot and the upgrade ran and the site was back up and running. Now I’m using MovableType for free so I feel I have limited ground to complain on, but it sure doesn’t make you want to move to a paid version. I’m just not sure why it’s so hard for them to get the Windows stuff right. I could see a beta release needing work, but why are there these core issues after multiple betas and a release that has been out for weeks already. Thankfully, the community provides answers which the user (me in this case) needs to edit into the code. Not nice in my eyes.
I’ll try and write something else soon. The update is why, for anyone that is using a RSS reader, it might show all posts as new. They aren’t… just another part of what the upgrade process did.

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  • Kay · October 11, 2005 at 11:26 am

    I have a problem when I turn on my computer sometimes it gets stuck on startup where it say’s CHECKING NVRAM…. and I have to turn off and back on to get it to Ok….and load up windows XP…What can I do to fix this problem?



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