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Spamming your Spam Filter Service?

I received (actually caught by Spam Soap, a tremendous spam filtering service I have) an email with the subject of Block Spam in Your Inbox! I was intrigued who might possibly think that spamming someone about blocking spam was a good idea.
The email message just has a lot of text and link to a url with a very non-descript domain name. The page that is displayed professes the service as stopping spam in its tracks. There are testimonials of people from all over the world on how this service (or is it a program, I can’t really tell) will save you from spam.
The claimed advantage of their service is it’s a one time fee vs an annual solution and if you act now, it’s even discounted another $20. There’s a link to Click here for Instant Delivery and lo and behold, you’re brought to a page to provide them with your Name, Address and Email but most importantly your credit card information. Of course, the page is not SSL!
Who in their right mind (besides me) would:
1) Open the email?
2) Click on the link in the email (which contains words broken up to try and fool existing spam filtering)?
3) Click on the link to proceed to order the service (or product)?
4) Enter in all their personal and credit card info on a non-secure page?
I wonder how many people ordered it today? 🙁

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