ADIF to Map Amateur Ham Radio Contacts by K2DSL

This web application will read in a ham radio ADIF file produced by many logging programs and map contacts on a Google map. In order for points to be mapped, a latitude/longitude or grid square needs to be associated with each record by the logging program.

Home Gridsquare:


ADIF size <= 1MB and up to 999 locations will be mapped

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If you are looking to map your contacts and display them visually online on a Google map, you have found the right web site! All that is needed is standard ADIF file containing your contacts with their callsign & either their maidenhead grid square or their latitude & longitude. Upload your ADIF file here and this program will do the rest.

You will be presented with a Google map showing your location and all the locations included in your file. You can view a larger full screen Google map showing your ham radio contacts by clicking a link on the results page.